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Friday, January 8, 2021

A Jew is like the moon

 A Jew is like the moon,

but ever since Purim, the light of Gd shines from him!

There are visible phases in the cycle.  1) The new moon, 2) the half moon, 3) The full moon

Before the feast of Esther, the words of Korach were not true, we were not “all your nation are holy”.  After the three day fast this indeed was the truth. How?

The three lusts that separate a material being from an angel are: lust for Money, lust for women, lust for food.  For these three lusts a creature will betray God.

In our material world of darkness even large objects blend in with the nether and are as naught.  Such as the moon, for example.  It is only visible because it reflects the sun.

Such also is a Jew!

The three days of darkness when the children of Israel saw all the wealth of the Egyptians and nothing was stolen.  This was a pure miracle and the permanent removal of lust.  This is what created our nation.

Mt Sinai, following the commandments is only possible for someone whose lust has been taken away from them by the grace of God himself.  This also took three days during which not a soul touched the mountain, or their bed-mate.

The 127 State Babylonian Empire separated the Jew who did not eat for three days, from the Gentiles.  The Gentiles from Ninve, had already been through this trial and it is my guess that many of these tried to convert and would have done so permanently had we not still been waiting for the second Purim.

Thus with the holy holy holy repeated three times for each of the three lusts, God shines his light off the material (and dark) Jew.  Thus we become “a light unto the nations”.

Na Nach Nachma NACHMAN Meuman

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