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Saturday, December 19, 2020


  This week we read passages 43:11 and 43:14.

1) And he said to them Israel their father, if so, where is this (feminine) do this, take from the songs of the land in your instruments and bring down to the man an offering from my seed and a bit of honey, incense, lotus, peanuts, and almonds.

2) And the Almighty would give you mercy before the man and he will send you the other brother and also Benjamin and I as I have understood, I have understood.

I am sure you have never seen this translated this way, but it is accurate.

The only brother called “other” is the second son of Rachel no less than Rabbi Nachman.


My seed (my descendants)
Honey (fire)
Incense (air)
Lotus (water)
Peanuts (earth)
Almonds (teachings of the priests)

Why is Shimon not mentioned by name but only qualified as a brother?

(Hint: Josef and Benjamin differ from the others they are not regular brothers)

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