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Saturday, December 19, 2020


  This week we read passages 43:11 and 43:14.

1) And he said to them Israel their father, if so, where is this (feminine) do this, take from the songs of the land in your instruments and bring down to the man an offering from my seed and a bit of honey, incense, lotus, peanuts, and almonds.

2) And the Almighty would give you mercy before the man and he will send you the other brother and also Benjamin and I as I have understood, I have understood.

I am sure you have never seen this translated this way, but it is accurate.

The only brother called “other” is the second son of Rachel no less than Rabbi Nachman.


My seed (my descendants)
Honey (fire)
Incense (air)
Lotus (water)
Peanuts (earth)
Almonds (teachings of the priests)

Why is Shimon not mentioned by name but only qualified as a brother?

(Hint: Josef and Benjamin differ from the others they are not regular brothers)

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The second son of Rachel

 Three proofs in Vayichlach וישלח that Rabbi Nachman is the greatest of all Tzaddikkim, even greater than Josef.  

1). The the wives of Jacob are presented to Esav before the children, but in the case of Rachel, she is presented last of all.

2) Burial.  Rachel is buried closer to Jerusalem than Jacob, who is buried like the others (including Esav) in Hebron

3) The wine cup with a foot, representing the idea of seeing the future is the symbol of Josef.  The bread is the symbol of Rachel since she is buried in Beit Lechem (house of bread).  The bread is more important than the wine, which is why you must cover the bread while reciting kiddush.

Rabbi Nachman and his character the Tam (the simpleton and the wise one story #8).  While the Tam only ate bread and found every taste and every cure in it, the wise one devoted his life to finding an appropriate mate (which he never found) in spite of his great wisdom (represented by wine).

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Unite the Four Words

 Trumps four words: “welcome to the family” (gave the man four suits also).  We have four words: Na Nach Nachma Nachman.  The idea is the same.  

RABBI Nachman said: “What are you worried about (since) I go in front of you, SIMPLY (רק) strengthen your bond with each other, and I will be with you”.

SIMPLY is not simple at all, rather it means JUST (only one thing left to do), and you will be tested with everything Satan has to throw at you.  Stick together.  Rabbi Nachman is already in Jerusalem (at Har Hamenouchotes), but as long as the bones have not been brought here by the House of Jacob, the pact of Abraham is not complete.  

Did Jacob give 10% of the wealth he made in Haran (Ha-ran ‘ran=rabbi nachman’) to spreading the word?  Or did he just eat bread one more time AGAIN?  
The pact with Jacob (by the ladder) is very very different from the pact of Abraham.

Bringing the bones has a direct relation to the pact of Abraham, which was repeated by Josef who actually fulfilled it with respect to Jacob.  For the House of Jacob (the fire) to go good on their promise, the House of Josef (the light) we must be UNITED.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman