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Monday, November 2, 2020

The Promise

 God promises several times to Abram that he will give ALL the land between the Euphrates and the Nile to his offspring.  He says that no one will ever be able to count the grains of sand, nor his offspring.  He later challenges his to count the stars if he can.  He accepts Abraham’s faith that he will have a son after the age of 99, but Abraham does challenge God following his miraculous victory against the 9 Kings of the area around the Dead Sea.  Abraham wants proof that he will “own” the land between the two rivers.  God asks him to split the animal sacrifices.  That’s where the Oath takes root.  Attached to the 400 years in Egypt will come an Amendment created by Josef (following a precedent by Jacob)

Josef buried Jacob, but the descendants of Jacob must bury Josef, (because Josef is the son of the tears of Rachel)!

Without the fulfillment of the Amendment, God has no obligation to the sons of Jacob.

To the sons of Rachel, no such promise was given, and yet they are pure so they have the rights of the first born, by divine right.

A successful conclusion for ALL the children of Jacob, would be for them to be loyal to their own oath.

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