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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Destruction of Sdom

 The destruction of Sdom.  This opening event starts with Abraham on the third day after the circumcision receives three angelic guests but he calls THEM Lord, not lords.  Later only two arrive to Lot and he calls them Lord as well.  In the first case we have a full beit din, while in the second case we have two witnesses, enough to decree the maximum penalty once every 70 years with a full San Hedrin of 70.  Abraham as Avimelech both plead with God that a righteous person or nation must not be destroyed.  God accepts Abraham’s plea, but gives him a tough-love trial with the execution of his son, which seems like a contradiction.

Abraham establishes the principle that if there are 10 righteous people in a community, it cannot be destroyed.  We later see that the sons of Jacob that decide to murder their brother number 10!  Can the principle of Newton be applied?

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

 Could it be that this new Law in fact caused havoc??  What if the number had remained at 50?  Or if Abraham has said nothing at all?  Was Avimelek a much better negotiator than Abraham?

What about 400 ₪ that remind us of the 400 years of we imprisonment and torture of a whole nation suffered because of the mistreatment of one man resulting from the temporary lack of faith of another.  Are these two numbers related? At three points people mocked the faith:  1) Sarah, 2) Ishmael, 3) the son-in-laws of Lot

This whole section is a study about faith.  Faith is the first step to wisdom.  Abraham and his wife are not really people of truth or great faith because they lie,  but they are against idolatry, generous and God fearing.  

That’s the basis for civilizations in Israel, Arabia and Europe.

The opposite is the civilization of Sodom.

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