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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Her we learn that the rights of the first born go to the one who has sexual purity,

 It seems that the amount of “freedom” the children of Noach has, was directly related to their amount of sexual lust or lack of it.  

During the Post flood period we hear about the descendants of Ham and Japheth but to hear about the descendants of Chem
We need to wait til after the destruction of the tower of Babylon.  
To hear about Abraham it’s on the way to the land occupied by Canaan who has already lost his leadership position!!!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Why not just take the crown?

 Achachverosh became a Jew, 100%!

Did not many convert at the time?
Did he not ask Esther to ask for everything including the throne (100%) on the second day?
The Prince was Jewish, and Not the King?

Esther refrained from giving the crown to Mordecai because had she done so, Achachveroshs’ conversion would not have been free will, but to satisfy the Queen.  Like Rachel, she knew that by waiting, the wine would be better!!!