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Monday, August 10, 2020

Ari: Greatest Mitsvah to Study Torah

 The prayer of the Ari claims the greatest Mitsvah is to study Torah.

Rabbi Nachman is in Machloket with him an says the THE great Mitsvah is to ALWAYS be happy.  The Ari could not keep this one folks.

Parasha Ekev reveals why

Ekev means to follow, it also has something to do with walking (heel).  The Parasha ends with the Mezouza which we mention in the Shema about unification (Hashem Echad) unification around one point or head. It is a fact of Biology that no organism has more than one head.  Same is true of organisations.

Rabbi Nachman says before dying (in Israel he wanted to make only 4 steps- the space to bury someone) “Just be together and I will be with you”.  It’s conditional.  He didn’t say I will rise again and go to heaven... Hanoch, Eliahu Hanavi, Moses and many others did this.  Nach-MAN “man of Peace and consolation?” like any Real Saint would feel upset and sorry for a person that considered him to be God.

Here we hear ad-nauseum about the golden calf and the breaking of the first tablets and receiving of the second tablets.  This repetition is somewhat like turning around the ‘burning’ bush.  It should amaze you. Something has got to be there.

Like the repetition of Gds name, nothing is redundant.  Not even the letter!  Because here again we speak about a letter!!!  All this refers back to “Names” (Exodus-for English Speakers). 32:32 Exodus (heart:heart Names) where read backwards instead of ‘erase me from your book’ you can read “I am Nachman”. 

The sixth book of Moses exists and was written between two Hebrew “noun” letters (the second is reversed to ‘close’ the quotation).  

It is thanks to the Ari and not to the Gemara, that the Torah was not forgotten, TRUE, but the Ari did not know the sixth book.  YOU KNOW THIS BOOK, it is available in our Generation Only (and is THE ONLY SOLUTION).

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