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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why do you base a Jew on his mother, while other religions go by the father?

According to me, it is not only because Rachel MADE us Jews by name imposing her three day fast on us.  The first appearance of this divinely ordained principle is with the question of the daughters of a man from the tribe of Menache of Josef.  Jews are like Josef, he who accepts their divine mission can be considered a priest he who ignores it is are best a magician (see what happened in Egypt with regards to the priests/magicians before and after Josef).

The last action of Moses is in fact the determination of the preservation of the land status according to the MOTHER.  Emphasized here is that they belong to Josef... Josef doesn’t actually have a tribe yet since his sons became the direct sons of Jacob and no others were to be born to him,  but these daughters could be said to have been the first (daughters, not sons) setting a precedent and claim to the land of Israel belonging to the priesthood.  Previously we learned the laws concerning Levite’s and their particular land rights.  These daughters of Josef could marry inside the tribe, but if they didn’t the land would still belong to the tribe.

This is the same claim to the land of Israel by Jewish women even if they
Marry a non Jew, their children are Jewish.  Rabbi Nachman will make everyone repent soon enough so the priesthood and the Royalty will be reestablished.  Rachel did not need to
Marry Mordecai to make all Royalty from the line of Achachverosh connected to the land of Israel.

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NaNach Noahide said...

Gen 3:15And I shall place hatred between you and between the woman, and between your seed and between her seed. He will crush your head, and you will bite his heel."