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Monday, July 6, 2020

The United States in the Divine Plan

My ecological heart shaped prayer House was torn down by zionists on July 4th.

I met my Norwegian wife below the Washington Memorial on July 4th.

My mother was born on July 5th

The pallbearer project to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem is launched on July 5th 2020!

I saved my trees that the Zionist tried to burn to the ground on July 5th.
(They tried burning that house on 9th of AV and tried to burn my mother on 3 of Kislev)(burning is a thing with them! I though Arabs were arsonists, but they come in all types).

No one will burn another American flag and get away with it, so help me Gd!  There is a place in Hell for those that do that!

Rabbi Nachman will be a national Hero in The USA since Ukraine and Israel ignore him!!

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