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Monday, July 6, 2020

New thoughts about Bilaam

We all learnt what a terrible !person? Bilaam is, how he hated Jews and was an anti-Semite causing a plague and perverting us.

Bilaam was a goy with the Mitsvah of making money and lust as motivations to getting the earth populated and built up.  He was very rich and his businesses were booming.  What Gd told him to do he did, even when Satan scared him, to do the will of Gd he was ready to kill his lover (a donkey in his case).

There is no reason to poke fun at him we Israelites (not Jews yet) had just become “above lust” as the result of three days without women at Mt
Sinai.  We were still confused and didn’t know how bad it was to continue the goyish practices, Bilaam had no idea.  He didn’t know that intercourse with Midianites would be fatal.  The Corona is the tip of the pinus where the “bris” is done to eight day old children.  Bet you didn’t know that this is the origine of all the plagues.  Real Jews are way to happy to have any lust for money and sex.

You can consider Bilaam a hero and know that Rabbi Nachman will solve this ongoing problem
Very soon.

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