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Monday, July 13, 2020

Did Moses actually fail? And if so How?

Did Moses actually fail? And if so How?

Even if we all know that Moses failed, we can still make him successful, it actually depends entirely on us.

Yehoshua bin Nun may his memory be for a blessing, did not quite reach the level of his teacher.  True, there was peace between the tribes in his day and no one challenged his authority....but.  He mistakenly asked the people not to sleep with their spouses for one day.  God made him
Childless for this reason.  He should have understood why Moses asked fo r a third day without conjugal relations, Esther understood, and her teacher was Mordecai.  Also on another occasion, while still in the desert Yehoshua did not have the holiness required to carry the bones of Josef on his own as Moses did.

Rabbi Nachman reveals that the student must be twice the level of the teacher. 

Let that sink in.

Every person was created with a mission and the ability to accomplish it.  You might have a more humble mission and less of an Arsenal then Moses and still be more successful than him!!!

Moses was asked to take the children of Israel INTO the land of Canaan.

Rabbi Nachman also reveals:

To come in to the land of Israel and succeed, each Israelite had to have the level that he could “create” his own source of water (just because of his good heart).  Some Israelites had to pass by way of the sword (of Esav) they were not meant to get to the other side and to be endowed with special priestly powers because they did not have the right kind of wise/good heart and were sure to have gone off the road looking for waters that were not the words of God through Moses.

So it looks like Moses failed, but if you really want him to be successful...everything is can still do this by carefully following the teachings of Rabbi Nachman.  Imagine what level is expected from you!!!

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The villager said...

Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Natan (and NaNach) are proof that Moses was successful