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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Obligations of a good heart, the Nachamo 9th of AV turn around.

The greatest trait is a good heart, the worst is a bad heart.  I suppose Adam had an average heart since he/she is the totality of humanity.

The life and responsibilities of a person with a good heart will vastly differ from those of a person with a bad heart.

The person with a good heart has great potential to do good and the holy angels can criticize him if he doesn’t accomplish great things for humanity.

A person born with a bad heart who can simply get a change of hearts has accomplished the greatest of things, even if he leaves no mark on the world except his children or even a friend.  The angels will not be able to criticize him.

The turning point on 9AV is when the people with bad hearts step out of the limelight and focus on getting a change of hearts, while the humble people get out of the shadows and take on their responsibilities.

Monday, July 20, 2020

why did Breslev become Uman

Moses did 40 days and 40 nights during which he skipped
Shabbas.  The people of Ninve wanted to do the same.

 Rabbi Nachman did 18x6= 72 days and 72 nights and since the food of Shabbas  6 fast days you can double the result... 144 days 144 nights which is similar to the age of Rabbi Nachman of Uman plus the age of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman = 144.

He told us it was a mistake and unnecessary for him to do this, arguing that the food of Shabbas was on such a high
level that this fasting was unnecessary and that the happiness brought by the breakfast meal and the blessings said were a bigger deal.

Rabbi Nachman made it a point not to outdo his teacher (Moses).

Let’s say that before the fasting he was truly Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.  But after all the religious strife and the fires they caused, he became Rabbi Nachman of Uman and moved to Uman, were he began teaching to apikorsos.

Promises promises

Question:   Why does Moses name all the places in the desert where the children of Israel camped?   

Answer: Because when Gd fulfills his promise to Abraham, each one of these places will be a populous and fruitful metropolis.

If you doubt my chiddoush, consider:
The “parasha” starts by carefully going over the laws of promises.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why do you base a Jew on his mother, while other religions go by the father?

According to me, it is not only because Rachel MADE us Jews by name imposing her three day fast on us.  The first appearance of this divinely ordained principle is with the question of the daughters of a man from the tribe of Menache of Josef.  Jews are like Josef, he who accepts their divine mission can be considered a priest he who ignores it is are best a magician (see what happened in Egypt with regards to the priests/magicians before and after Josef).

The last action of Moses is in fact the determination of the preservation of the land status according to the MOTHER.  Emphasized here is that they belong to Josef... Josef doesn’t actually have a tribe yet since his sons became the direct sons of Jacob and no others were to be born to him,  but these daughters could be said to have been the first (daughters, not sons) setting a precedent and claim to the land of Israel belonging to the priesthood.  Previously we learned the laws concerning Levite’s and their particular land rights.  These daughters of Josef could marry inside the tribe, but if they didn’t the land would still belong to the tribe.

This is the same claim to the land of Israel by Jewish women even if they
Marry a non Jew, their children are Jewish.  Rabbi Nachman will make everyone repent soon enough so the priesthood and the Royalty will be reestablished.  Rachel did not need to
Marry Mordecai to make all Royalty from the line of Achachverosh connected to the land of Israel.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Tale of the Organizers Ruining the Garden

A cruel (in other words, Sabatean-Frankist Marxist) organizer came over the country and could do nothing against them, so he went and spoiled the country's good life that they had from the garden. It was not that he spoiled the garden, rather he left behind in the country three crews of henchmen and commanded them to do what he ordered them. And by doing there what the Community Organizer ordered them they ruined the taste, for through what they did there they made it that whoever wanted to feel any taste, it would have the taste of rotten carcass. And similarly they ruined the smell so that all the smells would have the smell of galbanum, and similarly they destroyed the appearance, for they made it be dark in the eyes just like when it's cloudy. (All this did the three crews of workers accomplish in the country by doing there what the Marxists ordered them, as mentioned.) Now if you live the good life let me see if you can help out that country. (So is the deaf beggar still saying to the Land of Wealth which had bragged that they live the good life, as mentioned.) And I say to you: if you won't help them out, it will harm you too (that is, the fact that in that country the appearance, taste and smell were ruined, will reach you too).

Adapted from Seven Beggars day 2
Na nach

Monday, July 13, 2020

Did Moses actually fail? And if so How?

Did Moses actually fail? And if so How?

Even if we all know that Moses failed, we can still make him successful, it actually depends entirely on us.

Yehoshua bin Nun may his memory be for a blessing, did not quite reach the level of his teacher.  True, there was peace between the tribes in his day and no one challenged his authority....but.  He mistakenly asked the people not to sleep with their spouses for one day.  God made him
Childless for this reason.  He should have understood why Moses asked fo r a third day without conjugal relations, Esther understood, and her teacher was Mordecai.  Also on another occasion, while still in the desert Yehoshua did not have the holiness required to carry the bones of Josef on his own as Moses did.

Rabbi Nachman reveals that the student must be twice the level of the teacher. 

Let that sink in.

Every person was created with a mission and the ability to accomplish it.  You might have a more humble mission and less of an Arsenal then Moses and still be more successful than him!!!

Moses was asked to take the children of Israel INTO the land of Canaan.

Rabbi Nachman also reveals:

To come in to the land of Israel and succeed, each Israelite had to have the level that he could “create” his own source of water (just because of his good heart).  Some Israelites had to pass by way of the sword (of Esav) they were not meant to get to the other side and to be endowed with special priestly powers because they did not have the right kind of wise/good heart and were sure to have gone off the road looking for waters that were not the words of God through Moses.

So it looks like Moses failed, but if you really want him to be successful...everything is can still do this by carefully following the teachings of Rabbi Nachman.  Imagine what level is expected from you!!!

Monday, July 6, 2020

New thoughts about Bilaam

We all learnt what a terrible !person? Bilaam is, how he hated Jews and was an anti-Semite causing a plague and perverting us.

Bilaam was a goy with the Mitsvah of making money and lust as motivations to getting the earth populated and built up.  He was very rich and his businesses were booming.  What Gd told him to do he did, even when Satan scared him, to do the will of Gd he was ready to kill his lover (a donkey in his case).

There is no reason to poke fun at him we Israelites (not Jews yet) had just become “above lust” as the result of three days without women at Mt
Sinai.  We were still confused and didn’t know how bad it was to continue the goyish practices, Bilaam had no idea.  He didn’t know that intercourse with Midianites would be fatal.  The Corona is the tip of the pinus where the “bris” is done to eight day old children.  Bet you didn’t know that this is the origine of all the plagues.  Real Jews are way to happy to have any lust for money and sex.

You can consider Bilaam a hero and know that Rabbi Nachman will solve this ongoing problem
Very soon.

The United States in the Divine Plan

My ecological heart shaped prayer House was torn down by zionists on July 4th.

I met my Norwegian wife below the Washington Memorial on July 4th.

My mother was born on July 5th

The pallbearer project to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem is launched on July 5th 2020!

I saved my trees that the Zionist tried to burn to the ground on July 5th.
(They tried burning that house on 9th of AV and tried to burn my mother on 3 of Kislev)(burning is a thing with them! I though Arabs were arsonists, but they come in all types).

No one will burn another American flag and get away with it, so help me Gd!  There is a place in Hell for those that do that!

Rabbi Nachman will be a national Hero in The USA since Ukraine and Israel ignore him!!