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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Yehoshua/Habad/big-small friends

Yehoshua bin noun (neighborhood), Habad “day of prayer” in honor of Mordecai (standing), the meaning of No big or small we are all friends.

A Bar Mitsvah boy skipped over several of the names of the spies including Hosea bin noun.  The passage ends with Moshe giving a new name “Yehoshua”.  The Zaddik can “father” someone if the biological father was a “fish””blue head (Hebrew)” (sexually motivated).  Tzaddikkim are also called fish.  A boy growing up in such a neighborhood has a fighting chance, one can say that the father had the merit to have good neighbors.

Habad is saying that yesterday was a good day to make requests to Gd because Mordecai did this to the King.  Let’s assume you did read every word of the Megillah this year...please tell me when and where does this occurs?  The only thing Mordecai did with respect to the King is that he refused to bow to a Rasha, which would be a great insult to the King since it would vulgarize and render meaningless his bows to the real King.  Thus is the prayer of a person who has broken an oath only one time in his life for earthly gains.
The prayer is called “standing” and every action used to pay for a trip to the Tzaddik is considered “walking to the Tzaddik”.

Saba would say: there are no big ones or small ones, we are all friends.  It’s a fact that compared to a giant like Rabbi Nachman infinitesimal differences may exist between a big Rasha and a big Tzaddik.  When comparing ourselves to Rabbi Nachman vis a vis Gd, the same applies.