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Monday, April 6, 2020

Please translate and forward in all languages URGENT


With Gds help:

We need a rapid 22 000 English Speaker signatures to add to our 78 000 Hebrew Speakers signatures.  Pakod Pakodeti, the Exodus isn’t final until the promise is kept by those who made the promise.  The elders gave up when Pharaoh made things difficult.  Rabbi Nachman is giving us a second chance.  Did you give the tith? No!  Did you help the orphan the widow and the stranger? No!  Does Gd owe you success? NO! NO! NO.! Well keeping the oath from above can change all that!!! Happy HEALTHY and Kosher Pessach. 

A new Ukrainian law is that if  100 000 signature petition is made, the Government MUST react.  According to Ukrainian law, this would obligate them to enable the Israeli Government to repatriate the Holy remains of Rabbi Nachman of blessed memory to Jerusalem the Holy City.

Here we sign the “ petition to bring the holy remains of Rabbi Nachman (may his name be for a blessing) from Uman to Jerusalem, the Holy City. By the grace of Gd 100 000 names by Pessach 5780.

Sign right here:

Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser said:

“The main part of the redemption depends on this!!!”

This is the most powerful mitzvah there is since the oath has not been kept for 3423 years (this preceded even the 10 commandments- keep your word to Josef!!!).

Do sign because Gd is watching you right now!

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