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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Are the Erev Rav, the people of Moses a problem?

Are the Erev Rav, the people of Moses a problem for Am Israel?

Notice I mean a problem for All Am Israel.  No I do not consider them part of Am Israel!!  

We all know that the lust for money is the greatest stinking lust of them all, only comparable in the degradation to hating the Tzaddik.  Are the two (lust/hate) related?

Sure, they were called the people of Moses because Moses who hated money was so wealthy and let everyone benefit from his blessings.  A great deal for the Erev Rav who were very much in love with the money he gave them.  The Erev Rav has no problem donating the gold belonging to their children and wives, since that gold was lost to them anyways.  People that can compromise their children and wives, not to serve Gd but to acquire wealth power and prestige.

Are they useful idiots? They will do anything for money, practical to have them around?  Until 2020 that could have been true. Now that they are preventing Rabbi Nachman from being brought to Israel and dividing the Jews and abusing them, they have become the greatest enemy our nation has faced in its long history. They are even allied with Amalek who wants our destruction rather than our slavery.

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