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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ki tissa/ where 32:32 reveals I am Nachman etc...the haftarah removes our stone tablets and gives us the Petek

When Ahron asked for the children and women’s gold rings he showed that the men had no one to blame for their idolatry.  He went further and said that tomorrow we will hold a party, knowing full well that Moses would be returning and the culprits would be punished.  Moses said why did you bring sin upon them? 

Should Moses have gone alone? After all mortal flesh cannot see Gd but someone who produces so much light as to blind onlookers is not so mortal when he is speaking face to face with Gd...also the whole nation is called face to face after speaking to Moses with his face covered for their protection!!!

Ahron lost two
Sons which he was meant to lose before they were born, but their names were not erased, as if they were born inspite of not having been created. Did they place Holy oil on their flesh???

The mar-Dror (bitter freedom) makes up 50% of the incense but also the life of a man (the first 35 years while his body is still “going up”).  The remaining 2 quarters are sweeter with the 60-70 being Shabbas!!

Isn’t the issue: Moses or Economics??

God or What’s God??

Turn yourself into a Shabbas vessel.  In the days of Moses we were not yet ready, but after thousands of Shabbas and the revelation of the letter from the first tablets we can now anoint ourselves with the Na Nach!!!

(When Amalek attacked us we still ate before we drank)

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