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Thursday, March 12, 2020

How do I know Rabbi Nachman is the Messiah?

Moshe rabenu did not bless Shimon.  

Why not? Shimon was kept captive by Josef and in doing so allowed their liberation (even though it did take three days).  He also remained captive until the brothers returned with the song of freedom given to them by Jacob (and probably revealed to Jacob by Serach).

Is this not what Rabbenu is doing today? He remains captive in Ukraine until everyone sings the Na Nach song. (Ten in Hebrew sounds like prisoner) the tenth song is the song of freedom.

This makes perfect sense because the Na Nach song is what annihilates all sadness allowing people to get along on a common level of respect and even love.  When I assume you and I have the same value, this is real love.

Rabbenu said “just be together and I will be with you”.  This promise he will be able to keep just as soon as everybody sings the song that takes away our differences and thereby unites us.

Moses could not bless Shimon because Shimon is the precursor of Rabbi Nachman and the messiah is beyond the reach of Moses.  Moses wanted to come into
Israel but Rabbi Nachman is willing to stay in exile until everyone knows the song of freedom.

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