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Monday, February 10, 2020

Why 40 years was not a spy issue

Why 40 years?

The attack by Amalek took place after we were fed before being given to drink.  In other words the complaint about the feeding took place before the lack of water.  You must feed your animals before eating yourself, however you are supposed to drink before watering them.

A parallel event takes place 40 years later.  The well of Miriam has stopped as has the heavenly bread they eat off the ground (yes, like animals) the people are thirsty and ask for water.  Moses gets angry (as he did when people took several days portion instead of one, and it rotted).  This time he strikes the stone like 40 years earlier.  This time he was supposed to ONLY speak to the stone, did he not understand the word of the Lord?

The attack by Amalek who we see in every generation (unlike Egypt which we no longer see) is because Amalek the beast notices we are fed before being given to drink, we are therefore animals just like him, he fears Adam, but not animals!!

40 years of not collecting food on the 7th day but eating the miraculous second portion has turned us into a Peace loving Shabbas observing unified group.  Notice that already the complaint of the first year was done by a united nation.  Now we are united by the Shabbas and not by fear of starvation.

This Unity through the Peace of Shabbas requires that Moses simply whisper to the stone for it to pour forth pure water.  If Rabbi Nachman asks you to speak to your body and speak to Gd, know that he speaks powerfully, this type of melting heart will conquer the holy land.

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