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Monday, February 24, 2020

What Really happened at Mount Sinai?

Receiving the law with 70 elders

23:20 Exodus:  I am sending before you a messenger to keep you on your path to the place I have prepared for you. Take care to listen to his voice and do not rebel against him! He will not forgive your failings because my name is in him (and he is a Levite [judgement]and not a Cohen [mercy]).  What follows is what happens when the silver trumpets are blown and Moses calls out his famous call (do your homework read the next lines in scriptures).

The one who causes a miscarriage will pay ANYTHING the husband demands and from here “an eye for an eye” the basis of a law that preceded the laws (an eye for an eye existed in the beginning) being given here.

Who does Gd call for? Not only Moses, but Ahron, Nadav, Avihou and 70 elders.  Their ascent is accompanied by visible angels and even a shining white marble pedestal, with the young people of Israel
making animal sacrifices and writing all the laws on 12 stone tables, one for each tribe.  How does this become suddenly a solo operation of 40 days for Moses and Joshua, Ahron and Hur becoming the leaders left behind?


Moses and Joshua being both born from the waters where Josef is buried, you learn that only Josef goes up.  Why? Only they carry the bones of Josef.  The others had not made good on the promise and were not allowed on the mountain (this is about a Brit -> the Brit Mila from above, not the circumbcision from below:  Eliezer has to hold Isaac down there to make the sermon, yes and someone “without balls” cannot lead himself or anyone else!) (women do not testify) Josef came out of Egypt alone (those that came out of the water and his long-lived second half are entirely responsible for keeping the oath- no one volunteered no one has had the balls til this day folks!) The promise has not yet been kept.  Gd has no obligation and can not keep his own promise either.  We have not listened to the messenger YET.

The 70 nations MUST bring Rabbi Nachman to Temple Mount. It’s real Torah and so simple that it is also plain logic.

Friday, February 14, 2020

ALL the plaguesbof Egypt because they would not let go of Josef.

Dear White House captain and crew!

Congratulations for Hope Hikkins return on board.  I am confident that the China Sydrome is a small side effect of the non-removal of Rabbi Nachman from Ukraine and the related agreement with Israel in 1991 which still has not been kept.

ALL the plagues of Egypt ONLY occurred because Egypt would not let Josef out.  The Egyptians we never saw again (not one came out of the sea) although even Amalekites return at every generation.

Josef was born through the crying of Rachel which lasted 20 years in this world.  Rabbi Nachman is the result of 3533 years of tears in the world of truth.  Rachel is buried in Bethlehem (where Christians are persecuted by Muslims).

The judgement day that has been called upon by Samson is related to the TWO eyes.  Josef is the first “בן פורת על עין״

This is absolutely the most significant truth Gd revealed to me in my 54 years...take heed what happened to Egypt can happen a minimum of 266 times worse this time around, when Egypt is no longer.

The good news is Newton got it right when he said every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the free world!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Why 40 years was not a spy issue

Why 40 years?

The attack by Amalek took place after we were fed before being given to drink.  In other words the complaint about the feeding took place before the lack of water.  You must feed your animals before eating yourself, however you are supposed to drink before watering them.

A parallel event takes place 40 years later.  The well of Miriam has stopped as has the heavenly bread they eat off the ground (yes, like animals) the people are thirsty and ask for water.  Moses gets angry (as he did when people took several days portion instead of one, and it rotted).  This time he strikes the stone like 40 years earlier.  This time he was supposed to ONLY speak to the stone, did he not understand the word of the Lord?

The attack by Amalek who we see in every generation (unlike Egypt which we no longer see) is because Amalek the beast notices we are fed before being given to drink, we are therefore animals just like him, he fears Adam, but not animals!!

40 years of not collecting food on the 7th day but eating the miraculous second portion has turned us into a Peace loving Shabbas observing unified group.  Notice that already the complaint of the first year was done by a united nation.  Now we are united by the Shabbas and not by fear of starvation.

This Unity through the Peace of Shabbas requires that Moses simply whisper to the stone for it to pour forth pure water.  If Rabbi Nachman asks you to speak to your body and speak to Gd, know that he speaks powerfully, this type of melting heart will conquer the holy land.