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Friday, January 10, 2020

Freedom will only be possible when....

Josef put himself in jail!!!

When Josef imprisoned his 10 brothers, he doomed his own exit from Egypt.  Three days is considered permanent in Halacha.

It would now be impossible for his brothers to keep the oath Gd asked him to make them take to him.(not sure where I got that)! Being a real tzaddik he by definition never makes mistakes and executes only the will of Gd.

One thing leading to the next, we see that the stature of Josef has declined significantly by the end of the life of Jacob because Josef doesn’t have direct access to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh is happy to get rid of a political opponent and escorts him to the border, honorably of course.  Egypt by not crossing the border meant to create a conflict between Esav and Jacob.  This would prepare for a future invasion of a weakened Canaan if needed but certainly to have military and economic superiority.

Because of the curse of Josef, called the curse of Pharaoh, Moses who was “born” from the Nile like Yehoshua would not be able to free a people bound by a promise and a Tzaddik doomed by an act.

Freedom will only be possible once the bones of Rabbi Nachman are in Jerusalem.

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