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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Did Rachel make a mistake by taking Laban magic?

Rachel took the Magic of Laban without informing her husband about it.  Just as Jacob did not tell Laban he was leaving, for fear of being tricked again.

Turns out that Rachel is cursed unknowingly by the Man of Truth as a result.

Was it a disagreement between Rachel and Jacob that led to
A family tragedy?  If so, who was right?

I believe Rachel was interested in “converting” Laban and his people.  Jacob was not.  

For this reason Jacob would not merit to bring up either Josef or his children or the mystical brother of Josef that Rachel knew would be born in the future.  Samson also ends up giving up his eyes in the interest of spreading the word to the other side.  Samson is also waiting for a second day, the judgment day (really revenge day) when the enemies of Gd will be separated from the tribes of men and the descendants of Benjamin will eliminate them. (Better to be thrown to the wolves).

Psalm 132. Ebay Ha Nachal is in the Efrat area.  The area that Rachel was heading for and which is more desirable than the place her body stopped.

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Yaacov Na Nach said...

Your words are very heavy but when understood they will be lighter. Let my Rabbi Go 🙂