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Monday, January 27, 2020

New song? Only Rabbi Nachman!

New song שיר חדש

King David has all kinds of songs but never “new song”.  New song is only Rabbi Nachman...

Na Nach Nachma Machman Meuman

(This is very big news)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Saba suffered more than Rabbi Natan. So he is greater!?

Saba says he suffered more than Rabbi Natan

Saba said suffering is very good.  At the time he didn’t want to suffer more, but if he had known how good it was, he would have.  We also noticed how he would absorb the pain and disease of others onto himself and dissolve the problem from himself a short time afterwards.

I was could the persecution by others be good?  

My answer: it allows Gd to do the weeding of the garden, “mida kneged mida “ called tit for tat in English.  Give more rope so the punishment becomes more lethal.

The disease gets eliminated more thoroughly.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Did Rachel make a mistake by taking Laban magic?

Rachel took the Magic of Laban without informing her husband about it.  Just as Jacob did not tell Laban he was leaving, for fear of being tricked again.

Turns out that Rachel is cursed unknowingly by the Man of Truth as a result.

Was it a disagreement between Rachel and Jacob that led to
A family tragedy?  If so, who was right?

I believe Rachel was interested in “converting” Laban and his people.  Jacob was not.  

For this reason Jacob would not merit to bring up either Josef or his children or the mystical brother of Josef that Rachel knew would be born in the future.  Samson also ends up giving up his eyes in the interest of spreading the word to the other side.  Samson is also waiting for a second day, the judgment day (really revenge day) when the enemies of Gd will be separated from the tribes of men and the descendants of Benjamin will eliminate them. (Better to be thrown to the wolves).

Psalm 132. Ebay Ha Nachal is in the Efrat area.  The area that Rachel was heading for and which is more desirable than the place her body stopped.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Exodus or Names?

What the Christians call the book of Exodus, we call the book of Names!

It starts out with the names of the children of Jacob in order of natural birth with the mention of Rachel’s seed preceding.  The names of Gd happen to be revealed here also, but who ever notices that?

The name of Gd is also a bit mystical, “I am what I will be”. Is he revealed or not?

Que sera sera....

Very revealing indeed!  It’s almost like the crossing of the blessings between Menashe (associated with “House to you” Jerusalem) and Efraim (the discreet destination of Efrat/ wooded covered).

Almost like the dual life of Josef and Rabbi Nachman who both return to deal with their own holy mortal remains.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Jerusalem or Efrat?

What will be first, Efrat or Jerusalem?

Look closely at the blessings of Efraim and Manasseh and who gets Bait Lachem (a House to you) and who gets Efrat.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

14 tribes or 12?

14 tribes?

If you count those getting a blessing from Jacob, the count is 14.  Shimon and Levi getting a “non-blessing” together (still I counted two tribes) while the place of Shimon is taken by Menashe (Menache and Efraim come BEFORE Ruven and Shimon).  Unlike the blessing of Moses, this Jacobs blessings follow date of birth except the first two.

Josef is taken aback about his sons being taken over by Jacob, but consoled by the mention that he gets Schem which at the time is a prize possession.  Right after “crossing the birthright” Jacob mentions Beit Lachem (house to you) and Efrat.  Seems these sons of the Priestess of Egypt, wife of Josef inherit Jerusalem and Efrat with the latter having MORE importance.

Pakod Pakodeti.  Gd is bringing you, but you must bring the Tzaddik.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Freedom will only be possible when....

Josef put himself in jail!!!

When Josef imprisoned his 10 brothers, he doomed his own exit from Egypt.  Three days is considered permanent in Halacha.

It would now be impossible for his brothers to keep the oath Gd asked him to make them take to him.(not sure where I got that)! Being a real tzaddik he by definition never makes mistakes and executes only the will of Gd.

One thing leading to the next, we see that the stature of Josef has declined significantly by the end of the life of Jacob because Josef doesn’t have direct access to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh is happy to get rid of a political opponent and escorts him to the border, honorably of course.  Egypt by not crossing the border meant to create a conflict between Esav and Jacob.  This would prepare for a future invasion of a weakened Canaan if needed but certainly to have military and economic superiority.

Because of the curse of Josef, called the curse of Pharaoh, Moses who was “born” from the Nile like Yehoshua would not be able to free a people bound by a promise and a Tzaddik doomed by an act.

Freedom will only be possible once the bones of Rabbi Nachman are in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I Ra(Bibi) Nachman Iran
Mo ha Ran
Born in a Well must be THE Imam
Long live the Shah
Esther is our queen!

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