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Monday, December 2, 2019

Women in the Torah

The progression of Abraham Isaac Jacob Josef (Moshe) also occurred for the matriarchs:

Sarah made the decision over Abraham concerning Ishmael

Rivka took over the leadership and birthright by ordering Jacob to fetch her a meal for Isaac.

Rachel became the de-facto branch from which Josef was born (Josef has No Physical Father, Jacob was his spiritual father). She also cries for the great unborn brother of Josef, which will be revealed in the future.

Esther steps way up ahead of all the above and of her spiritual zivoug by masterminding the Jewish nation and the Geula itself.

Maybe Messiach Ben Esther and Rachel is the appropriate new reality.

You may think this is strange, so do I. It is however very very logical.  Non Na Nach doesn’t really have a chance of catching on to this.

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