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Sunday, December 15, 2019

The ladder of life

The ladder of life

We see a type of competition between brothers throughout the Torah, but is it really a bad thing?

Moses gives out his blessings in “condescending” order to the tribes. Ruven first (but not because he is the oldest) Shimon gets no blessing at all, Yehuda is before Levi and Benjamin before Josef the tribe of the Tzaddik.  How can Josef be 5th on the level of merit only above the maidservants sons?

I think the levels represent different stages in a persons life, or in “evolution” of mankind.  The level of Shimon was not reached by Moses, since Shimon must be the one that carries Moses into the promised land! Keeping the promise that Moses left to be kept in the end of days.

Rabbi Nachman came in ALONE, and still left his bones in Uman for us to
ALSO have this merit.  So it seems keeping the promise from above makes you more worthy than the promise from below!(Brit).

In fact keeping the Brit from below is now #6, “neutral” center level.

The Brit from below is simply not to have any lust for women, money or food (Josef).  In Josef’s days this was remarkable, but today this is par for the course. When a young man’s blood boils in his youth this is difficult and he must content himself with being loyal to Jacob like the sons of the servants, who fight against their lust.

When the man reaches the level of Ruven he will abandon everything to remain attached to the Tzaddik, but he will hide his attachment and fight to help his brothers achieve their goals.  The highest level of all is to bring the bones to Jerusalem.

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