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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rachel is dead

מה החלומ הזה אשר חלמת...(10:37)

What is this dream you dreamt?

רחל מת
Rachel is dead

Jacob knew why he chose to give the special clothing to his special son JOSEF.  The Bible says because he was the son of old age, but since Benjamin was younger this also is “polite talk”.

Jacob knew that Josef was different and recognizing the difference was important.  Gd had a special function for Josef, not all bees are created the same, even in spite of being created equal.  Merit has nothing to do with this difference, merit is measured at the end and possibly only Gd can determine this.

Jacob has a strange reaction to the second dream where Rachel does not appear.  Here we also notice that the second son of Rachel is not caught bowing to Josef any more than his mother. So Jacob makes the comment: What is this dream that you dreamt that I should come , should come I and your mother and brothers to bow down to you to the earth?

Well yes, the Tzaddik is the foundation of the earth!!  But it is not Josef, it is Nachman.Rabbi Nachman.

The repetition of “should come” in the sentence like “Nachamo, Nachamo” or “remember,remember” “for my TWO eyes” “another day like today” and many other unnecessary doubles (like the dream of Pharaoh) are about the Bis in Latin as opposed to the Bis in

Josef’s brother has certainly come and his bones will be brought at well.

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Yaacov Na Nach said...

NaaaNaaachhh NaachhhMuuuu Meee Uuuuu Maannnnn!!!! Let my Rabbi Go!!!!