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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

History of biblical communication

Development of communication in the Houmash (shesh-> 6 not 5)!

Abraham would exchange gifts or ask to take an oath while holding hmmm.

Isaac would organize a symbolic feast and gifts.

Jacob would place a maker stone (like Bedouin’s)

Josef made them swear (spoken word alone) humanity was not yet ready for this type of simple honesty.
It did not “work” at all (yet).

Moses wrote on stone (very Egyptian)

Mordecai and Esther wrote on pamphlets.

In Yavneh they compiled archives.

The siddour was written the printed in Lemberg 

Printing came last to Morocco and Sefaradim (treated like Dehmis).

The Petek was received in Tiberius by Saba in 1922 and written by the hand of Rabbenu in 1805 (I suppose Rabbi Shimon brought it secretly to Israel in 1810).  It was seen by Moshe on Har Sinai and remained hidden until Saba asked for it to be printed for everyone before his death.

Promises must be kept.  As long as the oath from above is not kept our communication is faulty.

The reason English is spoken all over the world instead of French is that Rabbenu defeated Napoleon at Trafalgar by writing this letter.  The seas remained Gd fearing!

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