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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hamsa Hamsa

The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry awarded Yosef Nasralladin “abu Joel” at Gilat al Carmel yesterday with the Exemplary Figure of Moroccan Jewry Award.  Others that claim this title are The King of Morocco, His Excellency President Shimon Peres, Dr Andre Gasiowsky, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and many others in that category.

This was very different from all the others however.

In the Tora, the name Yitro is always attached to the title: “ father in law of Moses” Moses goes even further calling him “the eyeS” of Israel...  so if Bilaam who had ONE eye was on the level of Moses for the side of Evil, where would that put Yitro?

The TWO EYE issue is much much deeper than a true description by the holiest and most infallible leader of the Jewish People.  There is a connection to Josef who was “ben pourat ale Ayn” (eye in the singular).  Also to Rachel who asks to have another different son like the first who born out of 20 years of tears is not regular like Benjamin the right arm of Jacob.  Rachel begins a 3533 year cry ending this year 20/20 (perfect sight) just before the darkest hour, the day I discovered the anniversary of the Petek (5566 28 7) discovered on the 5th day of Hannukka.  Therefore the darkest day becoming the happiest day, the day the fate of Napoleon was sealed by a one eyed Admiral of the British Navy.

Pakod Pakodeti is an “unnecessary” repetition as is Zovhei ni na, zoche ni na (al Shte aynayim), nachamo nachamo ami (ish lo neader), Esther’s “od yom ke dat hayom”.

Indeed Moses words are a preparation for the future role of the Druz Nation and their function as the eyes of Israel.

I do not challenge Moses I try to understand him. If he hit the stone instead of speaking to it he could still have gone into Israel, hitting it twice was the error.  This second time there will be no need to hit us because we will invite the Yitro of our generation to participate in carrying the bones that Yehoshua Ben Nun himself could not carry without a holy minyan. 

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