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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Why praise and thank Gd for Wars?

Why give praise and thanks for Wars?

Wars are completely destructive for both sides.

Wars remind us that this world is a very minor and passing thing and that Gds’ world is spiritual and we are completely at his service.

Gd is the only qualified judge and War reminds us of that.


Three days imprisonment for the ten brothers

Yup, it would seem we are imprisoned by “chazaka” for ever more or until we keep the oath to Josef (which allows for negotiations).  If you read Likutey Moharan tenyana 63 you will see that Jacob sent the tenth song which was the way to liberate the ten and Benjamin.

People of the world, you can not escape the curse of a broken promise and slavery until Rabbi Nachman is brought to Jerusalem!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

ALWAYS happy?

If the BIG mitzvah is to
ALWAYS be happy, we are disqualified with our first cry.

Fortunately eight days later we enter the covenant and the first eight days are forgiven, we can again qualify, since we consider post-oath period to be pre-oath and certainly pre-mitsvah since a man without a word is hardly a man, and has no need to actually pray or bless using words.

What about people who keep their words and make enormous sacrifice and efforts to improve themselves and our planet, but have no conception of what I am writing about?

Such a person fills Hashem with mercy and the urge to allow Gd fearing men to keep their promise to Josef.

Speedily in our days

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rachel is dead

מה החלומ הזה אשר חלמת...(10:37)

What is this dream you dreamt?

רחל מת
Rachel is dead

Jacob knew why he chose to give the special clothing to his special son JOSEF.  The Bible says because he was the son of old age, but since Benjamin was younger this also is “polite talk”.

Jacob knew that Josef was different and recognizing the difference was important.  Gd had a special function for Josef, not all bees are created the same, even in spite of being created equal.  Merit has nothing to do with this difference, merit is measured at the end and possibly only Gd can determine this.

Jacob has a strange reaction to the second dream where Rachel does not appear.  Here we also notice that the second son of Rachel is not caught bowing to Josef any more than his mother. So Jacob makes the comment: What is this dream that you dreamt that I should come , should come I and your mother and brothers to bow down to you to the earth?

Well yes, the Tzaddik is the foundation of the earth!!  But it is not Josef, it is Nachman.Rabbi Nachman.

The repetition of “should come” in the sentence like “Nachamo, Nachamo” or “remember,remember” “for my TWO eyes” “another day like today” and many other unnecessary doubles (like the dream of Pharaoh) are about the Bis in Latin as opposed to the Bis in

Josef’s brother has certainly come and his bones will be brought at well.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hamsa Hamsa

The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry awarded Yosef Nasralladin “abu Joel” at Gilat al Carmel yesterday with the Exemplary Figure of Moroccan Jewry Award.  Others that claim this title are The King of Morocco, His Excellency President Shimon Peres, Dr Andre Gasiowsky, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and many others in that category.

This was very different from all the others however.

In the Tora, the name Yitro is always attached to the title: “ father in law of Moses” Moses goes even further calling him “the eyeS” of Israel...  so if Bilaam who had ONE eye was on the level of Moses for the side of Evil, where would that put Yitro?

The TWO EYE issue is much much deeper than a true description by the holiest and most infallible leader of the Jewish People.  There is a connection to Josef who was “ben pourat ale Ayn” (eye in the singular).  Also to Rachel who asks to have another different son like the first who born out of 20 years of tears is not regular like Benjamin the right arm of Jacob.  Rachel begins a 3533 year cry ending this year 20/20 (perfect sight) just before the darkest hour, the day I discovered the anniversary of the Petek (5566 28 7) discovered on the 5th day of Hannukka.  Therefore the darkest day becoming the happiest day, the day the fate of Napoleon was sealed by a one eyed Admiral of the British Navy.

Pakod Pakodeti is an “unnecessary” repetition as is Zovhei ni na, zoche ni na (al Shte aynayim), nachamo nachamo ami (ish lo neader), Esther’s “od yom ke dat hayom”.

Indeed Moses words are a preparation for the future role of the Druz Nation and their function as the eyes of Israel.

I do not challenge Moses I try to understand him. If he hit the stone instead of speaking to it he could still have gone into Israel, hitting it twice was the error.  This second time there will be no need to hit us because we will invite the Yitro of our generation to participate in carrying the bones that Yehoshua Ben Nun himself could not carry without a holy minyan. 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The ladder of life

The ladder of life

We see a type of competition between brothers throughout the Torah, but is it really a bad thing?

Moses gives out his blessings in “condescending” order to the tribes. Ruven first (but not because he is the oldest) Shimon gets no blessing at all, Yehuda is before Levi and Benjamin before Josef the tribe of the Tzaddik.  How can Josef be 5th on the level of merit only above the maidservants sons?

I think the levels represent different stages in a persons life, or in “evolution” of mankind.  The level of Shimon was not reached by Moses, since Shimon must be the one that carries Moses into the promised land! Keeping the promise that Moses left to be kept in the end of days.

Rabbi Nachman came in ALONE, and still left his bones in Uman for us to
ALSO have this merit.  So it seems keeping the promise from above makes you more worthy than the promise from below!(Brit).

In fact keeping the Brit from below is now #6, “neutral” center level.

The Brit from below is simply not to have any lust for women, money or food (Josef).  In Josef’s days this was remarkable, but today this is par for the course. When a young man’s blood boils in his youth this is difficult and he must content himself with being loyal to Jacob like the sons of the servants, who fight against their lust.

When the man reaches the level of Ruven he will abandon everything to remain attached to the Tzaddik, but he will hide his attachment and fight to help his brothers achieve their goals.  The highest level of all is to bring the bones to Jerusalem.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Early Hannukka in the White House

Saba also had a problem with wanting to light up as soon as possible!

The eyes of Rachel, Samson, Jacob have been shut (and even crying) for a very long time however:
Dear Trump family,

The White House lighting ceremony was the greatest event in human history besides the binding of Isaac.

Ahead of 20/20 I feel our Hannukka eyes will now be opened.  What we will see is the keeping of the original promise made by the 70 children of truth (still immature at that time) Pakod Pakodeti (Mr Kushner can explain this word).

You need to know that I absolutely love your great family and that is a very real blessing, more importantly it is very well deserved.

The I-RAbbi Nachman deal is the most significant Israel accomplishment of the administration as Mr Bob Kraft said but this because the 12 th (Iranian ) Imam is Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman that was indeed born in a well in Tiberius, Israel.

The Trump Administration is doing fine except that Rabbi Nachman is still buried in Uman and that is a great danger for all of us.

Only non-Jews can bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, which is the greatest of all blessings.  This alone will Unite Humanity and bring Peace to all.  We are all sinners, but Gd knows how to save all of us.  This is how he chose to do it.

Mordecai Spiro

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

History of biblical communication

Development of communication in the Houmash (shesh-> 6 not 5)!

Abraham would exchange gifts or ask to take an oath while holding hmmm.

Isaac would organize a symbolic feast and gifts.

Jacob would place a maker stone (like Bedouin’s)

Josef made them swear (spoken word alone) humanity was not yet ready for this type of simple honesty.
It did not “work” at all (yet).

Moses wrote on stone (very Egyptian)

Mordecai and Esther wrote on pamphlets.

In Yavneh they compiled archives.

The siddour was written the printed in Lemberg 

Printing came last to Morocco and Sefaradim (treated like Dehmis).

The Petek was received in Tiberius by Saba in 1922 and written by the hand of Rabbenu in 1805 (I suppose Rabbi Shimon brought it secretly to Israel in 1810).  It was seen by Moshe on Har Sinai and remained hidden until Saba asked for it to be printed for everyone before his death.

Promises must be kept.  As long as the oath from above is not kept our communication is faulty.

The reason English is spoken all over the world instead of French is that Rabbenu defeated Napoleon at Trafalgar by writing this letter.  The seas remained Gd fearing!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Women in the Torah

The progression of Abraham Isaac Jacob Josef (Moshe) also occurred for the matriarchs:

Sarah made the decision over Abraham concerning Ishmael

Rivka took over the leadership and birthright by ordering Jacob to fetch her a meal for Isaac.

Rachel became the de-facto branch from which Josef was born (Josef has No Physical Father, Jacob was his spiritual father). She also cries for the great unborn brother of Josef, which will be revealed in the future.

Esther steps way up ahead of all the above and of her spiritual zivoug by masterminding the Jewish nation and the Geula itself.

Maybe Messiach Ben Esther and Rachel is the appropriate new reality.

You may think this is strange, so do I. It is however very very logical.  Non Na Nach doesn’t really have a chance of catching on to this.