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Monday, November 11, 2019

The three pointed shoe

The Tam would “make” shoes, while the Chacham would “use” his shoes.
The hands of Saba were raised in prayer while the hands of Cain/Esav were busy at work.

Josef was sold for shoes.  Making the three day tikkun (Esther/Purim) for the feast at the murder of Josef are only three points of Israel’s star.  The other three are needed for the heaven and earth symbol. Gd bless the Shabbat Seuda and the people of Ninve.  

Hope this made you happy.  Have a nice day!  Please appreciate three pointed shoes and three pointed hats.  Turn the L (noune) for Nahalaim over and get a r (Reish) for Rosh.  This is the Lr (Ner/ light) which we light for the Tzaddik.  Mein feiril votlien bis. 

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Yaacov Na Nach said...

Naaaa Naaach Naaachmuuu Naaachmaaan Meeee-Uuummaaaannn!!!!