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Monday, November 18, 2019

Negotiating with Gd

Why does Gd have to negotiate and why does Abraham stop at 10?  Is the lust of Sodom so punishable and bad before the 10 commandments were given?  Was the lack of hospitality punishable? Do we see a repetition of this in end of the book of Joshua (who needed 10 to carrying the bones) with the story of the concubine? Does the War of the 9 Kings excluding Abraham, represent the number 10?  Why did Abraham change locations to go live in Beer Sheva?  Why was Sarah so attractive at age 89? 


I think 10 are needed to fulfill the work of the saint and until Ischak was born Abraham needed to “convert” Abimelech in order to have a minyan that could replace him.

Sarah was attractive to Abimelech because he wanted to be holy.  He later gave armed protection to Abraham.  His merit made Zeresh (his great great grand daughter) Queen before Esther.

Odesser has a lot to do with ten and Rabbi Nachman said he could bring Messiah but preferred creating a minyan.

It takes 10 to carry the bones since the King is not eligible to do it.  If this doesn’t happen the Messiah will do it alone!

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