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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Significant Bracha of Moses by order of importance

The order of the Bracha of Moses is by order of merit.  Ruven has the biggest bracha and the four children of the handmaids last. Shimon got no bracha at all and both Ruven and Yehuda get a bigger Bracha then Levi while Benjamin gets a bigger Bracha than Josef the Tzaddik.

All this is very logical and requires analysis. Ruven would not go into Israel without the Tzaddik but he was willing to go to battle for as long as it would take before leaving the holy land to defend it from its borders, he was even modest enough to pretend that he was doing this for economic reasons.

Second was Yehuda who in the merit of Narchon was willing to go head first into the sea or desert in order to fulfill the will of Gd.  He is the settler ready to spend two or three generations suffering in the Negev till the land becomes valuable.

The third level is that of Levi who hates material gain and loves justice so much that his relatives risk being treated like strangers by him.

The fourth level is Benjamin who is cursed from birth into being a sword and a wolf who knows not a womans milk.  He is headless and therefore wants to take the priesthood.  The miracle of Purim is that Mordecai a better warrior than Haman refuses to bow to Haman.  By his words Haman sets up the situation where Gd is able to make Benjamins’ Mordecai and Esther the first Jews, which are Israel turned into the priestly nation.  The shoulders without head were given a lovely head by Gd!

The fifth level is important because it is the level of all the inhabitants of the holy land.  Josef is born Holy Holy Holy, because he is born from the tears of Rachel.  He is not a saint by his own merit, but he is an absolute saint none the less.  Josef has extreme spiritual peers and the wealth of the world depend on him.

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