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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Peace in a nutshell

Peace in a nutshell,

As the World is returning to post WWII instability many see War as inevitable, at the risk of being called a Chamberlain, I see a widow of opportunity.  Unlike Chamberlain, I see no reason to give in to the demands of dictatorships, or to subsidize their genocidal doctrines.  Like Chamberlain, I call on restraint until one effort for peace is made, in the absence of which another unproductive and inconclusive war will result, a temporary solution at best. A claim that we saved the honor.

Peace is possible by following a logical biblical rhetoric.  The Shiite Imam has indeed come, and although Iranians cannot name him, I can!

The Imam is born out of a well, but he entered it long ago.  I know a man that was born in a well and he claimed that he was the return of Rabbi Nachman in the flesh.  This is extremely daring for a Jewish Rabbi to say.  Rabbi Nachman’s last words”why are you worried since I go before you, just be together and I will be with you” suddenly begin to make sense.  Indeed the promise made to the saintly son of the tears of Rachel by his surviving brothers included in the 70 tribe members of Jacob, was NEVER KEPT (Moses, Yehoshua (both emerged from the waters where Josef was buried) Serach bat Acher (the future bride of Josef who never married him but lived 500 years til his burial) are not qualified to fulfill The oath to Josef because they are Josef.

The difference between an Egyptian Magician and an Egyptian Priest is only wether or not Pharaoh accepts the existence of Josef.

So a religious peace is indeed possible because if we keep our oath, the breath of Gd returns to man instead of the breath of the snake.

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