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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Parts 1,2,3 bereshit

Bereshit 4:24 [onkelus, the Italian](and Lemech said:)”because 7 generations they will punish (sounds like Italy in Aramaic) on Cain, on me 77 generations” and this he said to his two wives.  Right after this Adam knows his wife again and they give both to Seth who is a replacement for  Hevel and allows for the birth of Noach.  The hope for eternal life exists through Seth.  Seth was certainly not born 77 generations after Tuval Cain.  We know that there were only 10 generations before the flood. Interesting to note that lifespan was set down from 1000 years to
120 during this period with only Moses having the discipline to execute the lifespan order exactly.  Similarity we need to emulate King David who lived 70 years.  Saba (NaNach who is also Rabbi Nachman, the man who has no “touma” is 38+106=144/2=72
Gematria of “Tehilim”(psalms).  If you take into account that Rabbi Nachman added two years to his life by destroying the burnt book, you get 70 which is very loyal to King David.

Why does Adam go back to his rib-shadow-bone (essence) after Lemech makes the statement to his two wives and kills Cain and Tuval Cain?  The couple gives birth the Shet which are the two last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The 77th generation is upon us!  The rib that was taken before the sin is Rabbi Nachman born from 3533 - 209 = 3324 years of tears of Rachel (by comparison Josef who are the mother bones of Moses (and Moses took the bones with him) is only 20 years of Rachel’s tears).

Bereshit? You do not start a sentence with “In the beginning” especially a pronoun: ..  this implies a word must come before. The word is Israel (the final word in Deuteronomy) “Israel in the beginning created Gds, the Sky and the Earth”. 

Today we know Israel Ber - Asit (Israel Ber placed created Gds the sky and the earth). Only once Israel Ber was in place did Creation begin.  Shet is formed of the two last letters but Bereshit has a B while Vayikra has a small A (the first two letters of the Alphabet).  The Moses and Rabbi Nachman share Vayikra as their Bar Mitsva Parasha, not a coincidence.  They are the greatest of the great but they are not Shet, the end-game.  They are not Israel Ber who has to be in place for creation to even begin.

Moses gives the ultimate blessing at the end of Deuteronomy.  The blessing of Shimon is missing.  Similarly to Ruven getting the big blessing of Moses, Shimon will get the big blessing of Messiah.  Shimon lusted after random women and money and was willing to murder the saint to take gold, pretending to do this for Holy reasons.  The only redemption for this is selling the books of Rabbi Nachman with every ounce of power and wealth one possesses.

The Nanach’s are the new tribe of Shimon and will get the biggest blessing from Messiah!

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