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Monday, October 28, 2019

Might be a serious turning point

Dear Mr President,

The deadline for a deal with North Korea is fast approaching.

Your successful presidency is appreciated by the Gd fearing (free world). BUT you don’t know that the North Korean crisis is connected to the Ukrainian crises and even the Iranian crises because all three are negotiating to avoid becoming nuclear powers.  

Ukraine gave up its arsenal under President Leonid Kravchuk who promised to dismantle his nuclear arsenal and give Israel Rabbi Nachman.  It seems THE PROMISE regarding Rabbi Nachman WAS NEVER KEPT and his close ties to North Korea did not save him from losing the largest merchant marine in the world (this happened because he forgot his promise).

Today Crimea is gone as well as the Donbas.  If I were North Korea or Iran, I would not want to follow in the footsteps of Ukraine.  Promise made promises kept is the missing element in the Ukrainian policy and is the reason for its failure. Getting rid of nuclear by itself will not bring Peace as we have all witnessed.  

You know China will invade North Korea if they have no nuclear weapons the way Russia invaded Ukraine. Iran rightfully fears Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia who would all join forces against Iran if they have no nuclear weapons (ISIS and Irak are no longer immediate threats, but could supply recruits).

It is one thing to give up nuclear weapons, but who do you trust for your defense?  Would USA give up its nuclear weapons?  USA has  a strong society and the strongest army in the world these countries have enemies and weak armies and corrupt economies.

You need to give these nations something they can believe in, THE TRUTH. North Korea did begin by sending the bodies of heroes and there are many more, I believe that was the right approach....stay the course.  The solution in Ukraine and everywhere else is keeping the promises.

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