My name is Mordecai son of Yom Tov and Simcha. I am a Levite first born son of first born. My father was US Foreign Service Officer. I founded a village in Judea (overlooking Ayn Gedi, Jerusalem, Hebron, most of the Dead Sea), yes we have Ayn Gedi vineyards. I am a follower of Rabbi Nachman returned in the flesh and born out of a well in Tiberias over a hundred years ago. My mission in life is to bring the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, from Uman, Ukraine. My village is named after the 6th book of Moses (yes there is one) and I promote the letter that Moses received at Mt Sinai with the tablets and that was penned by Rabbi Nachman enabling Nelson to defeat Napoleon on the dye of the Battle of Trafalgar. Separation of Church and State is a good thing but the King needs to accept Josef for his religious advisors to qualify a priests and not Magicians. Religious leaders must never reject the five Books of Moses, doing so makes their religious studies invalid. The tree of knowledge without the tree of life is useless. We should all strive to live 70 productive years like King David, the same way Moses lived exactly 120 years as Gd had decreed. Kings must step down at age 70! Only to answer questions IF ASKED.
I possess the secret to always being happy and this is also the key to overcoming the rebellious angel of Babylon (He is at War against us).