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Monday, September 16, 2019

The two Wartime trees

Ki titze speaks about two types of trees in time of War.

This is a regular war as opposed to the holy war against Amalekites, which can only be fought in time of Peace.

The fruit tree, like the Tamar is compared to the saint who draws his nourishment from the fruits that fall at his feet (fruits are Torah novelties or new revelations).  The words Tam-mar in Hebrew mean datepalm, palm but also bitter taste.  The tall and straight date palm like the saint must have a bitter life to grow as he does.  Ki titze also mentions eating the eggs or hatchlings after chasing the mother bird... but the Gemara explains that the blessing from this mitsvah is usually more like a curse in apparence and is very controversial. The cruel act is training for the saint who accepts that he will endure the loss of his children, his home, his vineyard etc... but the blessing is that they will go to a higher purpose.

What about the tree that can be used for War?  This is like the cedar of Lebanon, it too grows strong and tall, bearing no fruit and not so straight, but well watered in the houses of Gd!
This is the fate of the faithful that study and raise families without suffering the bitterness and cruelty of the mitsva done on the Gd given special road the Tzaddik accepts upon himself and his soulmate and offspring.

Before going to War one seeks Peace to do this one must offer “new fruits” or innovations which can solve the existing problems through peaceful means. Hence there is a blessing for new fruits which bring about a new time.  The fruit tree must not be cut, his suffering in peace time can prevent the War which will require the cutting of the other trees.

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