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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Judges and policemen

Judges and policemen

This parasha is all about the war on evil.  Normally you would not need frighting policemen to patrol Israel, the holy people, but you do.  These policemen frighten four categories of the population not to go to battle! Those that have not inaugurated their new home, those who are engaged and not married yet, those that have planted an orchard and haven’t reaped, those that are afraid to go to battle (some turn out to be heroic under fire).  What kind of tough police is that?

An Israeli man has neither lust for women or money and preventing him from going to a fight against the enemies of Gd is not an easy chore.  The cases above all need to bear fruit before risking their lives.

The tree that has no fruit but produces wood can be used in an offensive war.  Like students that follow Halacha and learn but do not produce “new Torah”.  New Torah can produce Peace and a peace delegation is sent to an evil place before it is attacked... they might be able to turn the hearts of the population.

The Levite is mentioned just before the witchcraft and sorcerers.  This is to indicate that THE ONLY guarantee against black magic is the presence of Levite’s. Good idea to pay tithes!

When an unidentifiable body is discovered in your field... the head of the Sanhedrin has to make the purification ceremony and the investigation.  The dan ger is imminent to the whole nation because GD hates black magic and people that do not pay tithes leaving the country open to foreign invasions


Yaacov Na Nach said...
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Yaacov Na Nach said...

Na Nach! Thanks! His statement is profound, but it can be further deepened.