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Sunday, September 15, 2019

3 Generation to convert Ishmael or kidding?

Why do we need to wait 3 generations to convert a son of Esav or a son of Ishmael to Israel. In both cases they are said to have merit and should they not be converted faster than others?

Why does the Shabbat kidush say that it took Gd six days to create the heavens and the earth when they are the fourth and fifth WORDS in the Torah?

How are these two issues related?

Before answering the question I point out another related fact:
If you look at the last word on the fifth line of the letter from will notice the Latin word Bis which in Yiddish/German means also contains a small 1 with a large 7 after it (for Latins) and a small 7 after it for Arabs. 17 is Gemayria Q or Good.  We say in the full Hallel (psalm 115) those that fear God the small and the big ones.  This can be seen as those that celebrate the 7th day be it Friday or Sunday.

Two places fasted for three miraculous fast days, first Ninve and then Shushan. The large non-Israélite city and the city of Israelite exile, birthplace of the Jews and Judaism.  

The main honor of Shabbat is the food.  This food has the value of six days of fasting,.the Shabbat lights are called the Shabbat light (one not two). So the two fasts are needed to make up the six days necessary for the Shabbat food to be holy.

Ishmaelites, Arabs make Friday their seventh day.  Esavites, Gentiles make Sunday their seventh day. For all of us the food is the main honor of Gd on that day.  

When it says three generations are needed for Ishmael or Esav to convert, it means that they have already been in the process for three generations.

Here is precisely how this works:

The first word is the word “in the beginning” a word is itself the beginning. The the artist placed his work as second in line of importance, then he himself.... then the heavens and the earth his witnesses, long before he created the first day or the seventh.  The words which any man uses are no less than the breath that Gd places into a clump of clay on the sixth day.  Gd gave words to man which have more importance to the creator than either creation, himself or the two witnesses.  

Have you noticed that it is harder to speak when fasting?  The food you eat in honor of Gd on the 7th day is on the level of Israel and peace (the word that appears last in the Torah preceding the repetition from the beginning).  Shabbat is Universal and according to me, he who observes the 7th day of Peace, for 3 generations, is Israel.

I think that like in Shushan becoming a Jew has to do with the War against Amalekites.


Yaacov Na Nach said...
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Yaacov Na Nach said...

Thanks for the post. just remembering that Amalek is synonymous with doubt.