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Friday, September 20, 2019

Shabbat food!

Shabbat food? Why does Saba call it the main honor of Shabbat?

We sing at kiddush that “because in six days Gd created the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day, he rested”.
Is this really the case? When you know that word #4 and word #5 following “in the beginning””created””The Lords”...the heavens (4) and the earth (5).

Fair to state that the heaven and earth witnessed what was to come next, so “the Lords” were no longer alone. No day one and no man created yet, no sixth day!! Two witnesses already present.

The food of the seventh
Day being the main honor of Shabbat and not the resting...

Rabbi Nachman underlines for us that the fasting he did 18 weeks in a row from Shabbat to Shabbat was a mistake because happiness is a better way to praise Gd...he says the food (feast) of Shabbat has the value of a six day fast.  This is one activity that weakened him
Physically...but we did gain an invaluable lesson.

The statements remain a mystery until we realize the difference between the people of Ninve and those of Shushan both doing a similar  3 day fast.   The people of Ninve obeyed their King who ordered a 40 day fast (since Moses would certainly be respected) Gd abolished his threat on the third day of miraculous fasting.  The people of Mordecai (according to Haman) did a miraculous three day fast to assist Esther showing a degree of solidarity that we aspire to.  In Jewish law a triple repetition establishes a permanent change.  The lust for food was domesticated by both civilizations.  Three plus three (3+3) make six, like the six days to create the sky and the earth.  This answers the question above.  Man also is created with heaven and earth since the breath of Gd is given to a lump of earth.  Esav and Jacob are also hands and a voice..(“hands of Esav, voice of Jacob”).

Lords places himself second to creating but third after in the beginning which can only be considered a word! We can already identify Jacob and Esav the twin sons of “Isaac”(scream/Israel). Similarity the sky comes before earth even if the clump of clay was formed before the breath of life was blown into it.

Have you noticed that people that fast have a very limited conversation?  The Cabalists say that you need to eat the letters to speak them.

The LAST word in the last book of Moses is “Israel”, Israel being read BEFORE “in the beginning”.  There are those that feast for Gd on the seventh day be it, Friday or Sunday! For three generations you will not accept Ishmael (because he was a good host) or Esav (because he is your brother).  Makes perfect nonsense! Until you realize that if they have respected the 7th day for three generations they already ARE Israel on condition that they keep the Brit (circumcision).  If this 8th day event is similar to the eight candle WITH the seventh candle being called THE Shabbat candle.  Then keeping the promise from above “Pakod Pakodeti” is not less significant than the Brit from below known as the circumbcision.  In other words, keeping a spoken oath is not less significant than the materialistic removal of the forskin.

Since the holy faculty of speech is only possible due to eating, by eating on the seventh day we elevate ourselves to the status of Israel and receive words that can create.  This is the will of the Lords.  Until the arrival of Abraham who unlike Melkitzedek (of Jerusalem),  annihilates all the Lords and establishes One single Gd for all.

Shabbat is the day of THE LORD and his abode is Jerusalem.  If you live in Israel you cannot work in public places on the seventh day, this is hateful to the Lord.  No matter where you are and what seventh day you choose to eat in honor of The day celebrating Creation, this will empower your speech and/or the work of your hands will benefit from it.

Monday, September 16, 2019

The two Wartime trees

Ki titze speaks about two types of trees in time of War.

This is a regular war as opposed to the holy war against Amalekites, which can only be fought in time of Peace.

The fruit tree, like the Tamar is compared to the saint who draws his nourishment from the fruits that fall at his feet (fruits are Torah novelties or new revelations).  The words Tam-mar in Hebrew mean datepalm, palm but also bitter taste.  The tall and straight date palm like the saint must have a bitter life to grow as he does.  Ki titze also mentions eating the eggs or hatchlings after chasing the mother bird... but the Gemara explains that the blessing from this mitsvah is usually more like a curse in apparence and is very controversial. The cruel act is training for the saint who accepts that he will endure the loss of his children, his home, his vineyard etc... but the blessing is that they will go to a higher purpose.

What about the tree that can be used for War?  This is like the cedar of Lebanon, it too grows strong and tall, bearing no fruit and not so straight, but well watered in the houses of Gd!
This is the fate of the faithful that study and raise families without suffering the bitterness and cruelty of the mitsva done on the Gd given special road the Tzaddik accepts upon himself and his soulmate and offspring.

Before going to War one seeks Peace to do this one must offer “new fruits” or innovations which can solve the existing problems through peaceful means. Hence there is a blessing for new fruits which bring about a new time.  The fruit tree must not be cut, his suffering in peace time can prevent the War which will require the cutting of the other trees.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

3 Generation to convert Ishmael or kidding?

Why do we need to wait 3 generations to convert a son of Esav or a son of Ishmael to Israel. In both cases they are said to have merit and should they not be converted faster than others?

Why does the Shabbat kidush say that it took Gd six days to create the heavens and the earth when they are the fourth and fifth WORDS in the Torah?

How are these two issues related?

Before answering the question I point out another related fact:
If you look at the last word on the fifth line of the letter from will notice the Latin word Bis which in Yiddish/German means also contains a small 1 with a large 7 after it (for Latins) and a small 7 after it for Arabs. 17 is Gemayria Q or Good.  We say in the full Hallel (psalm 115) those that fear God the small and the big ones.  This can be seen as those that celebrate the 7th day be it Friday or Sunday.

Two places fasted for three miraculous fast days, first Ninve and then Shushan. The large non-Israélite city and the city of Israelite exile, birthplace of the Jews and Judaism.  

The main honor of Shabbat is the food.  This food has the value of six days of fasting,.the Shabbat lights are called the Shabbat light (one not two). So the two fasts are needed to make up the six days necessary for the Shabbat food to be holy.

Ishmaelites, Arabs make Friday their seventh day.  Esavites, Gentiles make Sunday their seventh day. For all of us the food is the main honor of Gd on that day.  

When it says three generations are needed for Ishmael or Esav to convert, it means that they have already been in the process for three generations.

Here is precisely how this works:

The first word is the word “in the beginning” a word is itself the beginning. The the artist placed his work as second in line of importance, then he himself.... then the heavens and the earth his witnesses, long before he created the first day or the seventh.  The words which any man uses are no less than the breath that Gd places into a clump of clay on the sixth day.  Gd gave words to man which have more importance to the creator than either creation, himself or the two witnesses.  

Have you noticed that it is harder to speak when fasting?  The food you eat in honor of Gd on the 7th day is on the level of Israel and peace (the word that appears last in the Torah preceding the repetition from the beginning).  Shabbat is Universal and according to me, he who observes the 7th day of Peace, for 3 generations, is Israel.

I think that like in Shushan becoming a Jew has to do with the War against Amalekites.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Judges and policemen

Judges and policemen

This parasha is all about the war on evil.  Normally you would not need frighting policemen to patrol Israel, the holy people, but you do.  These policemen frighten four categories of the population not to go to battle! Those that have not inaugurated their new home, those who are engaged and not married yet, those that have planted an orchard and haven’t reaped, those that are afraid to go to battle (some turn out to be heroic under fire).  What kind of tough police is that?

An Israeli man has neither lust for women or money and preventing him from going to a fight against the enemies of Gd is not an easy chore.  The cases above all need to bear fruit before risking their lives.

The tree that has no fruit but produces wood can be used in an offensive war.  Like students that follow Halacha and learn but do not produce “new Torah”.  New Torah can produce Peace and a peace delegation is sent to an evil place before it is attacked... they might be able to turn the hearts of the population.

The Levite is mentioned just before the witchcraft and sorcerers.  This is to indicate that THE ONLY guarantee against black magic is the presence of Levite’s. Good idea to pay tithes!

When an unidentifiable body is discovered in your field... the head of the Sanhedrin has to make the purification ceremony and the investigation.  The dan ger is imminent to the whole nation because GD hates black magic and people that do not pay tithes leaving the country open to foreign invasions