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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Eyes of Israel

when Moses bestows the title of "the eyes of Israel" to tutti, his father in law, these are not empty words.

In fact Gd allows Moses to look at all of Israel and see it all.  Because Miriam was jealous and would not look at her sister in law and see her light, the man who could not protect his daughters without Moses took this one back (it seems).

The story of lot and of the fate of the tribe of Benjamin come to mind.  How do you justify killing a village in Ruven to provide wives for the last 10 remaining Benjaminites?  Probably the founder of that village did not keep his oath to Moses and the later generation paid for this as mentioned in that Parasha.

Making fun of the second half of Moses placed a 40 year curse on the nation and doomed a whole generation, also preventing the successfull entry into Israel.


The villager said...

Not tutti, JITRO

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