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Sunday, August 25, 2019


40 appears in "ekev" quite a bit: 40 days once 40 days twice, 40 years, (40 day visit, 40 days to repent) in 40 days Rosh Hashana (give or take since Shabbat extends til Tuesday in each direction).

Is there a code being revealed here?

Ekev is about following the law like a shadow follows a body. This is how we merit to inherit the holy land where truth is revealed, the eyes of Gd are upon her. The Levites do not get this reward.

Capital punishment stops at 39 lashes. On the 40th day we fell into the sin of the golden calf. Was it humanly possible not to do so and why was Moses so upset?  After all the Levites who were not to get the land promised, did not fall into sin.  Was Gd putting a guilt trip on us, since the temptation was a result of the reward?

Had we not made fun of Moses' wife? Levites do not know their own family, and do not pass land on to their offspring.  Ahron too was to be punished and Moses chose to save everyone and reject Gds offer to him.  For this he put himself into jeopardy and ended his life 40 years later.

Most revealing is the choice of Ninve to fast for 40 days! What made the King think that all his citizens could do what Moses had done?  The people of Ninve were legal idol worshipers.  Did they want to inherit the land of Israel at any price, even immediate death through starvation?

40 = מ = meme which means "even if".

Gd would be willing to sacrifice all of the children of Jacob in order to
Preserve the sanctity of the holy land.  The King of Ninve made his offer to Gd.  "If we repent give us Israel..."  Gds' response: "I will let you
Share the Shabbas with Israel".  Shabbas can be celebrated all over the world by EATING in Gds honor on any 7th day of the week.  They bless before and not after the meal because they are not making the blessing over the holy land, but only on thanking Gd for the food itself (thanks giving).

It has been 3533 years since Rachel started crying for her second son 467 left until we repent and forgive Josef for being different?

There are 70 ways to read the Torah, the Hebrew word for eye is 70 ע.  Being different should not be a problem at all.., but it has been used as a means to destroy...over and over again.

Unite around a saint like Moses or at least one of his real students  and stop seeking each one for his own personal gains.

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