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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What is pakod pakodeti, the promise from before?

What is the promise from before?
When Sam Ben Chetrit fell by the grave of the drowned Jewish children from El Hacima, Gd told him "Pakod Yfkodeti", and his life changed into a divine mission.  The mission started with the completion of the task of reburying these Jews in Israel.  Today, courtesy of King of Morocco Hassan II, President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Isaac Rabin, you can find all 22 martyred remains at Har Hertzel.
The original Pakod Pakodeti was the signal Moses was meant to give to Pharoe, the promise by the 70 family members of Jacob to their brother Josef.  The promise to take his mortal remains out of Egypt with them for burial at Sheschem (where they had sold him into Egyptian bondage).  Josef was the first of his brothers to die, but the brothers were in no hurry to leave Egypt, could the excuse of holding this promise have nullified the 400 years Gd mentionned to Abraham? Of course! All bad prophesies are meant to be broken and can be! This prophesy was over split animal carcasses and Rabbi Nachman says: be together and I will be with you!
But the story goes much, much deeper!
Jacob is known for being the man of truth.  More than either Abraham or Isaac his word was true.  Juda shows the power of words of truth when he repents in front of Josef, thinking Josef is an Egyptian (to his father he was disshonest and his father no longer trusted him, actually going blind).  Keeping an oath or keeping you word is a very important and serious thing...but just how important is it?
The first word is "in the beginning" it comes before the work of Gd (creating) and Gd himself which are both before the heavens and the earth.
Gd hit Mr Ben Chetrit with Pakod Pakodeti which is "the earliest promise" requested from man.  These were the words the elders were meant to understand and repent about.
May we soon have the merit to participate and witness the mending of the hearts of the Jews into one unified tribe and of Israel into one nation of Jacob true to their word.

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