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Sunday, July 14, 2019

What a catch I had this Shabbat!

Let s start with mom's birthday which I celebrated on Motse Shabbat by inviting the ladies of the Ishuv to a privat party with the elderly Dame.  Turns out they celebrated the 14th of July (Bastille Day, Hebrew version) since it was her birthday and a way to remember her dad who died fighting in Normandy for General Foche, making her an orphan at 4.  In all fairness he was in the Interpreter division and worked bringing the wounded to the American nurses...especially dangerous since the Luftwaffe wanted to destroy ambulances to keep the allies depressed and bogged down with the wounded.

Mom asked why the Parasha was named after Balaak who was a Rasha, and I added and why not name it Bilaam who was an even greater Rasha?

Balaak actually saved the Jewish people in more than two ways and he deserves to be remembered for that and that he had the merit of being from the family of the wife of Moses, Zippora, who our great leaders had insulted, rising the wrath of Gd.

The elders of Moav and Midian were trembling in fear when surrounded by the victorious tribes of Israel who had obliviated two powerful Kings that had survived the FLOOD no less than Noah!
One had held on to the Tzaddik, at a distance, the other had decided to enter the holy land to survive, even it it meant he had to admit that Gd was the almighty.  The Nation of Israel was now more powerful and outnumbered their ennemies...but wait, we had no intention of attacking these people and if we did it would have put Gd against us because Gd is ALWAYS on the side of the persecuted even if a tzaddik is persecuting a Rasha.  Their fear was we would have destroyed them just like a bull eats grass, not through War but through simple attrition.. (Like the US versus Spanish Mexico).
The real reason for the War was that we needed to destroy Bilaam, because Moses would not be allowed to enter Israel and if Bilaam or the other two Kings had survived, they would have destroyed Israel.  Balaak sends for Bilaam and in so doing, he becomes the attacker and places Gd on the side of Israel.  The victory becomes even more interesting when the Satan saves Bilaams ass in order for Bilaam to continue his services.  Bilaam then gets the priviledge to speak divine words like his ass-friend and Pinchas is able to finish him off in the merit of Moses.  Now Moses can pass away, the three stooges are dead and Yehoshua is the World Champion.
Notice how hard it was to eliminate Bilaam!  Not only Balaak, but also Satan had to be tricked.  The spiritual battle cost Israel the lives of 24 000 men, and their reputation.  Now Pinchas and Joshua were ready to lead Israel.

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