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Monday, July 29, 2019

It's all about speech

Matot: it's all about speech!
Why didn t GD just start with "Bara Elokim" why the word "first".  In civilized countries getting in the bus, people give the right of way...but other places there can be a fight to be first, like at the feeding trough.
Why does "first" come even before the word "create/nature"? (ברה and בריה have only a י (youd) to seperate them.)
Noach 9:17 could solve the riddle...
"And the Lord spoke to Noach this will be the sign of an oath that I rose up between myself and all flesh on the earth"
"And the sons of Noach that came out of the arch...(הטבהה and התבה pronounced exactly the same)..came out of nature..."
Coming out of the arch was the case of all flesh but coming out of nature was probably limited to the sons of Noach and later Moses.
We see that Ruven and Menashe make an oath that causes them to go on a 14 year War defending the private property of others.  Thus the word takes precedence over the material possessions and even other mitsvots like keeping Shabbas and taking care of your family.
When the flood took place the world still had one language, this no longer being the case until Rabbi Nachman wrote the Petek on the day Nelson defeated Napoleon's opportunity to invade England.
Now again the world will have one common language, besides Hebrew the holy tongue, and it will not be the language if Rashi.
An oath made in English binds the parties involved.  An oath made in Hebrew, is as if  immediatly fulfilled and must be implemented or else...divine judgement takes place in heavely court.

Adams white lie was a problem.  Saba said that the world will be full of simple people, in other words no more lies.

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