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Monday, July 22, 2019

Ambassador Brownback

The 17th of Tammuz, yesterday was a fast day for Jews...for the free world it is a joyful holiday, we all hope it will become one for Jews as well.
In 1776 the 17 of Tammuz fell on the 4th of July (Rabbi Nachman was only 4yrs old).  The year Rabbi Israel did not fast on the 17th of Tammuz 1922, it was Bastille Day the 14th if July.  This year the Right in Israel will win thanks to Ayalet Shaked and in Ukraine President Zelensky is also able to restructure his government on this 17th of Tammuz in the Hebrew year of "gallop".
Building the Wall through love.  United we stand, divided "it" falls.  This day the tablets were broken but the letter in the shape of Gds' hand lives on.  We all forget that the tablets were not carried by Moses, the bones of Josef he alone carried til the age of 120.
The letter explicitly reveals the single double triple quadruple song of the redemption which means "rest in peace nachman".  This is the silver trumpet call that would make the bones rise and gave Moses the power to call upon Gd to rise and chase away our ennemies and haters from before us.
There is no greater mission than carrying these bones to Jerusalem.  This is the main and unavoidable part of the Temple.
Rabbi Nachman said the world will be filled with simple people that speak truth.

Adam the first man was made of simple dust but the breath of Gd came from his lips.  No need to add additional rules, we all pay dearly for that.

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