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Monday, July 8, 2019

חוקים. 1) They settled. 2) take your stick and speak, 3) Why worry?

And they settled, take the stick and speak to their hearts...why are you worried? I go before you just be together and I will be with you.

1) If the only place in the desert where they settled is the place where Moses died than the meaning is clear.  Gd didn t say "They will go in and settle the land without you..." Gd says: You will not go in with them to settle the land! Obviously like a body that relains located where the head is, so is the nation of Israel!

2) Why take a stick, and speak to the hearts? No it is not about carrying a big stick so people will listen.  Here Gd intended to reward the children of Israel with miracle water.  He told Moses to use the stick "those that show up will get the water they requested...(sounds dangerous if you remember the episode of the quails)...  Moses uses the stick to gather.  Speaking to the heart would be telling them that this time it was Gd who wanted to give them water, a better kind than usual, it was not because they had made a request to Moses...but because Gd had made them pray for it in order to reward them with it.

3) We are the priestly nation and even if Rabbi Nachman is already here and we ourselves are safe, we need to join Rachel in her prayers for Rabbi Nachmans bones to be brought to Jerusalem and for the children of Jacob to be saved.

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