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Monday, July 1, 2019

04/07/1776 = 17th of Tammuz, so what?

Rabbi Nachman was 4, did he have anything to do with this?

He finished Sefer ha Midot at 6yrs?

He wrote the Petek on 28/7 5566 which is the day Nelson prevented Napoleon from conquering and securalizing the world, also enslaving the world into a pre-Marxist system of Government where blacks and serfs remained slaves.

The Petek was discovered after a fast that took place in 1922 on the 17th of Tammuz which was...."Bastille Day", 14th of July.

The revelation of the "like a trumpet" song "coincides" with all the co-authors of Ebay being on all the Israeli currency (including the "esser") the "like a trumpet" becoming the SILVER TRUMPET heralding the Trump era.

All this is more than set in stone...the letter was alluded to when the tablets were received by this the hand of Gd (he who studies the petek will see and understand this).

Say Na Nach a lot because this more than anything else will unite "nachamo nachamo ami, ishe lo neader".

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