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Monday, July 15, 2019

Yaef Koach, or Ayef Koach

Some of you may know the Yaef.  It is a type of seagull that circles the whole planet every year and only lands to care for it's young once a year.  It eats fish.

Rabbi Nachman said their is a wisdom which replaces food and drink...could have been useful for Saba...the same way the Yaef apparently does not sleep or need to, and he does fly all the way around the world each year!!!

From dust?

From dust?
Adam is the only creature made from dust and the breath of Gd.  The Snake crawls in dust, but never attains the breath of Gd does he?

When Amalek is on a losing streak he dissapears in the woodwork. Dangerous.  When Amalek is winning, he raises his head... This is when he is vulnerable.  The women is vulnerable when she fears the snake.  Only when she fears him as Jael and Judith or Princess Beatrice who do not fear him have proven that they can decapitate the snakes.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

What a catch I had this Shabbat!

Let s start with mom's birthday which I celebrated on Motse Shabbat by inviting the ladies of the Ishuv to a privat party with the elderly Dame.  Turns out they celebrated the 14th of July (Bastille Day, Hebrew version) since it was her birthday and a way to remember her dad who died fighting in Normandy for General Foche, making her an orphan at 4.  In all fairness he was in the Interpreter division and worked bringing the wounded to the American nurses...especially dangerous since the Luftwaffe wanted to destroy ambulances to keep the allies depressed and bogged down with the wounded.

Mom asked why the Parasha was named after Balaak who was a Rasha, and I added and why not name it Bilaam who was an even greater Rasha?

Balaak actually saved the Jewish people in more than two ways and he deserves to be remembered for that and that he had the merit of being from the family of the wife of Moses, Zippora, who our great leaders had insulted, rising the wrath of Gd.

The elders of Moav and Midian were trembling in fear when surrounded by the victorious tribes of Israel who had obliviated two powerful Kings that had survived the FLOOD no less than Noah!
One had held on to the Tzaddik, at a distance, the other had decided to enter the holy land to survive, even it it meant he had to admit that Gd was the almighty.  The Nation of Israel was now more powerful and outnumbered their ennemies...but wait, we had no intention of attacking these people and if we did it would have put Gd against us because Gd is ALWAYS on the side of the persecuted even if a tzaddik is persecuting a Rasha.  Their fear was we would have destroyed them just like a bull eats grass, not through War but through simple attrition.. (Like the US versus Spanish Mexico).
The real reason for the War was that we needed to destroy Bilaam, because Moses would not be allowed to enter Israel and if Bilaam or the other two Kings had survived, they would have destroyed Israel.  Balaak sends for Bilaam and in so doing, he becomes the attacker and places Gd on the side of Israel.  The victory becomes even more interesting when the Satan saves Bilaams ass in order for Bilaam to continue his services.  Bilaam then gets the priviledge to speak divine words like his ass-friend and Pinchas is able to finish him off in the merit of Moses.  Now Moses can pass away, the three stooges are dead and Yehoshua is the World Champion.
Notice how hard it was to eliminate Bilaam!  Not only Balaak, but also Satan had to be tricked.  The spiritual battle cost Israel the lives of 24 000 men, and their reputation.  Now Pinchas and Joshua were ready to lead Israel.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

חוקים. 1) They settled. 2) take your stick and speak, 3) Why worry?

And they settled, take the stick and speak to their hearts...why are you worried? I go before you just be together and I will be with you.

1) If the only place in the desert where they settled is the place where Moses died than the meaning is clear.  Gd didn t say "They will go in and settle the land without you..." Gd says: You will not go in with them to settle the land! Obviously like a body that relains located where the head is, so is the nation of Israel!

2) Why take a stick, and speak to the hearts? No it is not about carrying a big stick so people will listen.  Here Gd intended to reward the children of Israel with miracle water.  He told Moses to use the stick "those that show up will get the water they requested...(sounds dangerous if you remember the episode of the quails)...  Moses uses the stick to gather.  Speaking to the heart would be telling them that this time it was Gd who wanted to give them water, a better kind than usual, it was not because they had made a request to Moses...but because Gd had made them pray for it in order to reward them with it.

3) We are the priestly nation and even if Rabbi Nachman is already here and we ourselves are safe, we need to join Rachel in her prayers for Rabbi Nachmans bones to be brought to Jerusalem and for the children of Jacob to be saved.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Northeaster discovers the Shamir and this Declaration of the Potomac!

Here at L.I.F.E. we can hardly contain our enthusiasm over the marvelous Potomac Declaration adopted last July at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom hosted by U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo. The gathering drew more than eighty delegations, including dozens of minister-level representatives from around the world. It addressed challenges facing religious freedom, identified concrete means to address persecution of and discrimination against religious groups, and promoted greater respect for religious liberty for all, including a commitment to promote Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which declares:
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance.
Vice President Pence also attended, and announced the creation of the Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response Program to “ensure that religious freedom and religious pluralism prosper across the Middle East as well.” The program will target development in the Nineveh plain in northern Iraq and ensure that U.S. aid is directed toward the minority Christian and Yazidi communities that were the most devastated by the ISIS genocide of recent years. It will balance the misallocation of U.N. aide – mostly supported by the United States – to ensure that the minority religious receive the assistance they need to restore their lives. U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID) Administrator Mark Green explained the troubled history that lead to the Genocide Recovery and Persecution plan in his remarks at the gathering. They offer a useful and poignant lesson in the realities of international relief funding – it’s not the money allocated; it’s how it is spent.
Pompeo also released the Potomac Plan of Action, which sets an ambitions agenda to 1) protect religious liberty, including related parental rights, 2) confront legal limitations on religious liberty, including the repeal of anti-blasphemy laws, 3) advance government advocacy for religious liberty, 4) aggressively respond to anti-religion motivate genocide and mass atrocity, and 5) preserve cultural heritage, and  6) establishing August 3, the first day of ISIS’s Sinjar massacre targeting Yazidis, as a nationally or internationally recognized day of remembrance of survivors of religious persecution.
Read up on these important steps to a more secure international respect for religious liberty. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

04/07/1776 = 17th of Tammuz, so what?

Rabbi Nachman was 4, did he have anything to do with this?

He finished Sefer ha Midot at 6yrs?

He wrote the Petek on 28/7 5566 which is the day Nelson prevented Napoleon from conquering and securalizing the world, also enslaving the world into a pre-Marxist system of Government where blacks and serfs remained slaves.

The Petek was discovered after a fast that took place in 1922 on the 17th of Tammuz which was...."Bastille Day", 14th of July.

The revelation of the "like a trumpet" song "coincides" with all the co-authors of Ebay being on all the Israeli currency (including the "esser") the "like a trumpet" becoming the SILVER TRUMPET heralding the Trump era.

All this is more than set in stone...the letter was alluded to when the tablets were received by this the hand of Gd (he who studies the petek will see and understand this).

Say Na Nach a lot because this more than anything else will unite "nachamo nachamo ami, ishe lo neader".