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Monday, June 24, 2019

Seven Beggars Story Day Five Hunchback Beggar: What's it About?

I received this interesting question which helps understand some of the Seven Beggars and its background.
I am sharing the question and my reply.

Q: Hello, I have read the tale of the seven beggars, and I have read the following notes to this tale. In the notes I realized that there was an explanation for the meaning of the "deficiency" of each of the seven beggars but for the hunchback beggar he only made a reference to the tale in which this beggar was the protagonist without elucidating the meaning of being a hunchback and having the ability to help the others to reach the special Tree That is Beyond Space.
Is there no explanation for how the hunchback could help others reach the Tree? It was said in the tale that the hunchback beggar had that which possesses the highest degree "the little that holds the much."
What is the meaning of the hump's power to help others reach the Tree, is it "generosity"? That is, is it that in the terrestrial world what has the highest degree of being "little that contains much" is the characteristic of generosity?
Similarly, in the Third Day, with the beggar with the hindered speech, it says this beggar collects the "true kindnesses" and brings them to the Truly Gracious Man.  In addition, the Heart of the world that gets scorched by the sun gives each day another day to the world's Spring by which time comes to exist so everything can exist because nothing can exist without time.
So, is it through the power of generosity that one lives a situation of the "little that holds the much"?
  - Xxxxx, Brazil
Shalom, Xxxxx!

Generosity is close.. In the Fifth Day, it's the concept of support, as one carries weight on the shoulders and back, and this beggar appears to the world like a hunchback, as if he doesn't have such a great power to support.

From SH (Sichot Haran) #151:

...The rule is that with each story that he told, the story came about via some conversation that he had and spoke with us regarding worldly stories, and in the midst of them he began to tell the story by means of the story having some utterances with relation to the story in his heart. And this was like it`aruta diltata [arousal from below], to draw down perceptions of Godliness that he clothed in that story. And so it was with each and every story...

In this case the background is given in CM (Chayey_Moharan) #64:[#60-66]_Pertaining_to_Sipurei_Ma%60asiyot

CM #64
Pertaining to the Sichot #151 after the words "...loftiness of their level:"
Then on Sunday afternoon we stood before him and he talked with us and during the conversation he spoke some quip which is called a vartil/joke regarding that sect etc. Then he spoke of the concept of wide shoulders. Then from that same conversation it came about that he asked where we are standing in the story and we replied to him: on the Fifth Day; and then he told the story of the Fifth Day and he told it in joy.

So what happened was that one of R' Nachman's followers mentioned some other rebbe who they say of him he has "broad shoulders" i.e. he can support and help them through life or their needs or whatever. Like the people who go to the Ch---- rebbes who give them life advice or business advice etc. So R' Nachman made some joke about this, and told the story of the Fifth Day, that there is a level so much, so much higher than this, that he can support someone even to beyond space, so the previous kind of "broad shoulders" becomes entirely ridiculous! !Que ridiculosos son los "hombros anchos" de los otres!

Similarly the background of Day Three (and Four) is given in the beginning of SH #151, regarding when his grandson was on his sickbed and he had great affliction from this..

  Na Naj!

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