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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mila to mila in 8 days...word to word in 8 days

From Brit Mila to Brit Mila.  What is first in creation?
The word "in the beginning" a word! The eight day is also a word "brit mila" circumbcision.  One could be called the word from above while the other is the word from below.
The word eight in Hebrew is SHMONA which litterally is "his name is Na (please)" the latter Noun or Na is also the fiftith gate, the gate of Kingship which is above nature.
Jacob was a man who was ALWAYSE true to his word the diametrical opposite of Laban the swindlerer and sorcere. We call Josef "the simple man of truth".
Josef who represents purity of the circumbcision is the father of all priests (including the priests of Egypt).  Josef is on a higher level of truth than Jacob since he is the legitimisation of the wealth of the whole world.  Jacob and his had to worry about making a living, not so Josef!!!
Saba is like Josef.  If his son starved, it was because of the stoning of Breslevers and his own negligence of the material needs of his family, who were not Breslevers themselves.  The Levites were ordered to put to death any idol worshiper including their own kin (none of which were put to death).

The first word before creation is Jacob.  The eight day is Joseph "malava malka" escorting the King, a "Levitical" function.

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